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Artoronto | Souther Salazar’s Attic Transmissions

By Emily Kovacs If you enjoy the prospect of revisiting your childhood sense of wonder while picking your way through the vibrant, unadulterated dreamscape of an artist’s imagination, visit Souther [...]

Artoronto | Souther Salazar’s Attic Transmissions2020-08-06T22:53:28+00:00 | Junko Mizuno Review

Junko Mizuno’s art has always been about powerful women — in the form of witches, mermaids, goddesses among others — who like to live their lives for themselves and who [...] | Junko Mizuno Review2020-08-06T22:53:28+00:00

AKIMBO: Noel Middleton Review

Back in his punk rock days playing with the Birthday Party, Nick Cave sang, “Junk sculpture turning back to junk” as a lament to and/or celebration of entropy. However, another [...]

AKIMBO: Noel Middleton Review2020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00

Lauchie Reid Review | Magenta Magazine

LAUCHIE REID Exhibition Review by Trish Boon Nov 30, 2014 Imagine the stark walls of Narwhal painted in warm muted tones centuries away from the era of the white-cube gallery. [...]

Lauchie Reid Review | Magenta Magazine2020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00

Moon Room Review | Tussle Magazine

LUNAR MAGIC by Laura Horne-Gaul October 27th, 2014 Moon Room at Narwhal is the second exhibition curated by Kristin Weckworth that has incorporated a large number of artists. Moon Room [...]

Moon Room Review | Tussle Magazine2020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00

Moon Room Review |

Upon entering Moon Room, one notices the living room inspired setting of the space, and a peak of the black walls of the neighbouring room. Both spaces are divided by [...]

Moon Room Review | Artoronto.ca2020-08-06T22:53:30+00:00

Moon Room Review | Toronto Star

At Narwhal Projects, Moon Room, which is showing some 21 artists from closer to home, the unifying sensibility is driven by whimsy, about which it makes no apologies, and fair [...]

Moon Room Review | Toronto Star2015-01-04T20:21:25+00:00

Moon Room Review | AKIMBO

Moon Room, Kristin Weckworth's current confabulation at Narwhal Contemporary, isn't simply a collection of tributes to la lune; it riffs on the ur-text of nocturnal free association – Margaret Wise [...]

Moon Room Review | AKIMBO2020-08-06T22:53:30+00:00

Lauchie Reid Review | NOW Toronto

Reid’s Savvy Subversion Painter relishes putting grotesque spins on pleasing styles Founding Team Macho member Lauchie Reid graces Narwhal with new, deliciously idiosyncratic paintings. Painstakingly crafted in the classical idiom, [...]

Lauchie Reid Review | NOW Toronto2020-08-06T22:53:30+00:00

Jacob Whibley “Formalist Fusion” by David Jager

Formalist fusion Whibley mines modernist sensibilities By David Jager Already garnering an international reputation for his work, former Team Macho member Jacob Whibley has his first solo show, called Just [...]

Jacob Whibley “Formalist Fusion” by David Jager2020-08-06T22:53:33+00:00