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Hi-Fructose | Souther Salazar Preview

Souther Salazar’s paintings return us to a childlike state of mind full of curiosity and belief that anything is possible. His animal characters traverse enchanted dreamworlds where abstract designs form [...]

Hi-Fructose | Souther Salazar Preview2020-08-06T22:53:28+00:00

Hi-Fructose | Junko Mizuno Preview

This Saturday, Junko Mizuno continues her 3-part series, “Junko Mizuno’s Food Obsession”, with “Ambrosial Affair” at Narwhal Contemporary gallery in Ontario. The first part was “Venus Cake”, where she set [...]

Hi-Fructose | Junko Mizuno Preview2020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00