Narwhal artist Souther Salazar was in Toronto recently to create a mural installation at Drake One Fifty, a restaurant connected with The Drake boutique hotel. The artist painted an immersive installation in the area surrounding a seating booth as part of Anamorphose, the restaurant’s first annual exhibition.

From Drake One Fifty:
The title of the exhibition, Anamorphose, is a French term referring to imagery that can appear abstract or disjointed from various angles, but hit the right spot and it can defy your expectations and imagination. The exhibition includes site specific installations by an international roster of acclaimed artists toying with everyday objects and overlapping narratives. A visual labyrinth of complex, mirroring views, these are the kinds of works you can’t just look at once, offering something new with every glance. Sit down at the table in front of Souther Salazar’s vibrant underwater mural and the piece literally wraps around you with playful characters and delightfully surreal details.

* Photos courtesy of Drake One Fifty and the artist.