It takes anywhere between four to twelve weeks for a postcard to travel from Mexico to Canada.

Dear X,

We are having a great time. We might not come back. Mexico is warm and full of palm trees and lizards. We wake up to jungle birds every morning. The other day, we went to buy a few tortillas and the teenage clerk just shook her head and gave them to us for free. We still don’t know why. We saw a group of stingrays on the beach and photographed tourists taking selfies. We swam with turtles in a cave. I got the shit disease because I thought I was invincible and brushed my teeth with tap water. No one else got it. It’s finally over. We hope this winter is not bringing you down, we hear it is the worst one yet. When I post sunny pictures on Facebook I feel guilty because everyone in Canada keeps saying how miserable they are. So here is a postcard instead. We hope it brings you some relief. It is for you to look at and pretend you’re somewhere pretty and warm until the real thing arrives.

Love you, see you in March.

10min single channel video projection, Yuula Benivolski in collaboration with Alfonso Garrido and Residencia Gorila.

Yuula Benivolski (1980) is a multidisciplinary artist interested in migration, displacement and social behaviours. Her work investigates fable and memory through personal narratives. A graduate of OCAD and Concordia, her work has been exhibited extensively across North America, Europe and Australia. Yuula lives and works in Toronto.

Alfonso Garrido is a filmmaker and founder of Residencia Gorila – a multidisciplinary artist residency in Tulum that facilitates public art projects by local and international artists. Residencia Gorila addresses social issues like preservation of Mayan culture and environmental sustainability and hosts “Solar Parties” around the world, raising funds to provide renewable energy for under developed communities.

Video Installation, Narwhal Front Window.
Runs March 22-27