On Nov 26th we opened up the Beware of the Beast group exhibition at Narwhals new location at 2104 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Beware of the Beast features work by Nicholas Aoki, Nicholas DiGenova, Amy Lockhart, Jamiyla Lowe, Noel Middleton and Andrew Remington-Bailey.

The opening featured the launch of Jamiyla Lowe’s Beware of the Beast game set. Originating in India and later popularized in Victorian England, Snakes and Ladders was a board game that often taught morality lessons. These games were historically hand painted and designed by artists with each interpretation having the same rules apply, while the imagery varied by being culturally specific to where and when it was produced. Using themes and imagery consistent with her work and working within the parameters of the game, Lowe’s Beware of the Beast game is an art multiple that is instantly recognizable as an iconic game board while bearing the distinctive mark of her original character design and illustrations. Produced as an edition of 100 sets, each game is hand printed on fabric acting as both an art print and a game board and is accompanied by all necessary components for proper game play.

Thank you to all who came out to help us celebrate on this beautiful evening.Beware of the Beast runs until Dec 20, 2014. The exhibition is open Wed-Sat from 12-6pm or by appointment. The gallery is free and open to the public.