Moon Room, Kristin Weckworth’s current confabulation at Narwhal Contemporary, isn’t simply a collection of tributes to la lune; it riffs on the ur-text of nocturnal free association – Margaret Wise Brown’s children’s classic Goodnight Moon – and uses it as the jumping off point for an equally freewheeling collection of objects, from Margaux Williamson’s murky paintings to Heather Goodchild’s mythic hook rugs to a sculptural assembly by Nikki Woolsey that materializes one of the central figures in the story (“a spoon, a brush, and a bowl full of mush”) into a surreal piece of furniture.

There are, in fact, two rooms in Moon Room, and while the first gives us an earthly perspective, the second places us on the lunar surface and surrounds us with drawings, paintings, collages, and a stained glass window high over one entrance that play off the interpretive delusions we engage in when desperately trying to discern what we see when we look up to that disc or sliver in the night sly. Some take the theme metaphorically, such as Jennifer Murphy and Maggie Groat, building on the blank surface to reflect all that earthly activity and matter we imbue with moonishness. Dipping into more celestial territory, Eli Langer’s luminescent radial line drawings, Maryanne Casasanta’s night sky, and Patrick Krzyzanowski’s star bursts (which are actually spirograph drawings made by rats) take us into deep space. You have to find your own way back.

By Terence Dick

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