We are happy to announce that Narwhal artists Kozyndan, friends to all sea creatures, currently have an exhibit on at the Honolulu Museum of Art with artist Olek as part of World Ocean’s Day Hawaii. In addition to exhibiting a series of aquatic paintings, Kozyndan have debuted a new 50x40ft major mural work of their classic bunnyfish panoramic Pacific Drift.



About the Artists:
Los Angeles–based Dan and Kozue Kitchens, working under the name of Kozyndan, are known for their digitally painted pencil drawings of contemporary urban cityscapes and surreal interior spaces. Since meeting in a college painting class in the late 1990s, the husband-and-wife team has created a series of personal works that often reflect their affection—and repulsion— for the urban sprawl and technological overload of everyday city life. Their detailed drawings of urban panoramas reveal often absurd scenarios. In one, for example, elderly Chinese women, armed only with dim-sum, stave off an aerial attack on San Francisco’s Chinatown, while in another, marauding day-glo bunnies take on Manhattan.

According to Dan, the pair’s work portrays their “unease with and love of the modern world”. Over the last several years their works has focused on wildlife, particularly aquatic animals and their habitats. As scuba divers, their travels have taken them to far flung parts of the world for close encounters with creatures big and small. Their goal is to raise awareness of conservation for these environments through their paintings. Kozyndan’s other work includes magazine illustrations and album covers for Usher, Weezer, John Mayer, and Daedelus. They’ve also done commercial projects for Puma, RES Fest, Electronic Arts, Converse, Nike, and Wieden+Kennedy. The couple has also exhibited work in galleries and museums from Los Angeles to London.

KozyndanWe Come Together To Make the World Fun! 28 x 36" framed. Gouache on paper 2012