Can you begin by describing a typical day in the studio?
It depends on what I’m working on and where I am in that process. Some weeks can be spent working all day long on the physical pieces themselves, others weeks can be filled with the logistics.

The body of work in your show Housewarming Gifts for Anorexics is a bit of a departure from your previous work. Can you explain how the change came about?
With this body of work I’ve gone back to the realist sculpture style which I’d last done a few years ago with the toast pieces. After getting some attention for those I was a bit concerned of becoming “the toast guy”, so I avoided the craft element for a while in favor of a more conceptual approach. With these pieces I was hoping to merge the two interests.

Casting each item of food and then painting them to look hyper realistic must have taken a considerable amount of time. What is your obsession with time consuming art?
It was pleasurable making the items so it doesn’t feel like a lot of time, but the difficult thing about making time consuming work is that while executing it you can’t work on anything else that you may really want to get to. But once I reconciled that this was what I working for a period of time it felt satisfying to try to execute the element to the best of my ability.

I have already seen several instagrams of people taking mirror pics of themselves in your works. How do you #feel about this?
I’m glad they’re doing this as it activates the works as they exist both in the physical world and online.

You are releasing multiples in conjunction with your show at Narwhal. Can you explain how, if at all, this ties in with the conceptual aspects of your exhibition?
The idea for this exhibition was to challenge the notion that artistic intent is tied to.

What ideas or artists have influenced your practice?
The whole of art history.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
Depressed and annoying.

Anything exciting coming up in the near future?
I’ve just moved to NYC to begin an MFA at NYU. I’ve begun moving into the studios and I’m pretty excited to produce some new work.

Tibi Tibi Neuspiel : Interview by Julia Kansas

Tibi Tibi NeuspielHousewarming Gifts for AnorexicsInstallation View