The Unknown Portraits

Kozyndan Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception:
Thursday, October 1st
From 6 – 10pm
Runs October 1 – October 25, 2009

Narwhal Art Projects is pleased to present The Unknown Portraits, a new exhibition with American-Japanese artist duo Kozyndan. This exhibition documents a unique portraiture project spanning the past four years of Kozyndan’s travels. Originating from a found photo album unearthed in a Venice Beach thrift shop, Kozyndan were inspired to create imagined personae documenting the essence of these lost photographs. This collection of ficticious ephemera is comprised solely of small, detailed graphite portraits, each piece capturing the surreal humour and observation that has become fundamental within Kozyndan’s distinctive style of artwork.

This exhibition explores the modern obsession with personal documentation. Each tiny moment is a reflection on the inevitability that our personal triumphs will be lost in history, our lives rendered inconsequential, only to be discovered by a new audience and given new meaning. The Unknown Portraits is Kozyndan’s third Canadian solo exhibition and runs from October 1 – 25, 2009.

This exhibition is celebrated with the release of “The Unknown Portraits”, a 150 page hardcover book presenting the full collection of these unique portraits. Illuminating select portraits are short stories inspired and imagined by a community of artist friends and writers includIng Pasha Malla, Mark “frosty” McNeill, Ryan Sands and Porous Walker, as well as Canadian talents Nick Flanagan, Mariko Tamaki and Maggie MacDonald.

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