Jacob Whibley Pulse Miami Narwhal


Impulse Art Fair, Miami

December 6 – 9, 2012

Narwhal Projects extremely pleased to be exclusively presenting the work of Toronto-based artist Jacob Whibley (b. 1978) at Pulse Miami 2012. Focusing solely on Whibley’s stunning practice creates a unique opportunity to be immersed into the depth and breadth of this emerging artist’s current work, and consider the nuanced ways in which Whibley has been elaborating a unique dialogue with the histories and traditions of collage, geometric abstraction, and the ideas and forms of early 20th-century Modernism, and the work and ideas of the Bauhaus in particular. These are the thoughtfully—often laboriously—crafted works for which he has been steadily gaining international recognition.

Here we see pieces representing the range of Jacob Whibley’s current 2D methodologies—accumulations, collages, nuanced mark-making. Whibley’s working methods range from dizzyingly intense and laborious, to scintillatingly immediate. In the large-scale kuubik (2012) the artist has selected and trimmed over 4500 strips of paper—approximately 750 in each of the colors used—to create shimmering, interlocked rhomboids that simultaneously create and flatten a sense of time and space. In what the artist refers to as his “burn works,” archival paper has been cruelly, lovingly seared and scarred in warm-toned slashes. Undoing the instance of (framework) (2012) and its companion piece reciprocal symmetry (wreak form) (2012) are informed by historical images of scaffolding—those intense, temporary structures that only exist to allow for the creation of more structures. In their titles, Whibley subtly uses anagrams to create a dialogue between the two works; in the first he has located a sense of collective imagery, while in the second exists a reference to more subjective meditations. Ambiguous states of nostalgia are evoked.

If a central tenet of Walter Gropius’s Bauhaus was a focus on radically simplified form, and a strict alignment of function and design, Whibley’s work toys with those lines, utilizing production techniques that veer towards the mechanistic, in works such as the stunning kuubik (2012) while in other pieces, such as mass 5 (iii) (2012) the carefully gathered and selected archival paper is less strictly trimmed, and becomes an almost fetishized element arranged into a patchwork ghost of the recent past. What is perhaps most satisfying here is the space Whibley generously allows his viewer; paper vestiges selected with an aesthete’s eye, meticulously arranged into transfixing compositions, as in cache (lion’s share) (2012) contain a purposeful ambiguity in which the viewer can locate themselves.

Narwhal Projects has represented Jacob Whibley since 2007. Whibley’s recent exhibitions include the Bourouina Gallery, Berlin in 2011, a solo exhibition at Wyatt Art Studios, Rochester, NH, Espace de l’art concret, Mouans-Sartoux (France), Oakville Galleries in Oakville (Canada) and most recently a solo exhibition at the Harbourfront Centre (Toronto). Whibley has an upcoming solo exhibition at Narwhal in 2013.

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