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Artoronto | Souther Salazar’s Attic Transmissions

By Emily Kovacs If you enjoy the prospect of revisiting your childhood sense of wonder while picking your way through the vibrant, unadulterated dreamscape of an artist’s imagination, visit Souther [...]

Artoronto | Souther Salazar’s Attic Transmissions2020-08-06T22:53:28+00:00

Hi-Fructose | Souther Salazar Preview

Souther Salazar’s paintings return us to a childlike state of mind full of curiosity and belief that anything is possible. His animal characters traverse enchanted dreamworlds where abstract designs form [...]

Hi-Fructose | Souther Salazar Preview2020-08-06T22:53:28+00:00

ARRESTED MOTION | Junko Mizuno Studio Visit

Leading up to her current showing at Narwhal Contemporary in Toronto, we stopped by the studio of Junko Mizuno in San Francisco to learn more about her work environment and [...]

ARRESTED MOTION | Junko Mizuno Studio Visit2020-08-06T22:53:28+00:00

Juxtapoz | Junko Mizuno Review

Narwhal Contemporary in Toronto writes about Junko Mizuno’s paintings:“One reoccurring image is that of the iconic multi-armed goddess cloaked in symbols of life and wisdom, surrounded by fleets of devoted [...]

Juxtapoz | Junko Mizuno Review2020-08-06T22:53:28+00:00

Beautiful Decay | Junko Mizuno Review

Junko Mizuno’s Delightfully Dark Paintings Feature A World Of Erotic Food FetishesBy Sara Barnes Japanese artist Junko Mizuno’s candy-colored works draw us into a world full of dark and erotic [...]

Beautiful Decay | Junko Mizuno Review2020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00

Hi-Fructose | Junko Mizuno Preview

This Saturday, Junko Mizuno continues her 3-part series, “Junko Mizuno’s Food Obsession”, with “Ambrosial Affair” at Narwhal Contemporary gallery in Ontario. The first part was “Venus Cake”, where she set [...]

Hi-Fructose | Junko Mizuno Preview2020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00 : Noel Middleton Artists Talk

Order of Operations marks a first solo show at Narwhal for artist Noel Middleton, who has been exhibiting with that gallery for seven years. The works are, in a sense, [...] : Noel Middleton Artists Talk2020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00

AKIMBO: Noel Middleton Review

Back in his punk rock days playing with the Birthday Party, Nick Cave sang, “Junk sculpture turning back to junk” as a lament to and/or celebration of entropy. However, another [...]

AKIMBO: Noel Middleton Review2020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00

NOW: Lauchie Reid in Top Ten Art Shows of 2014

Lauchie Reids was featured in NOW's Top Ten Art Shows of 2014 as selected by Fran Schechter and David Jager The great shows this year included a retrospective of an [...]

NOW: Lauchie Reid in Top Ten Art Shows of 20142020-08-06T22:53:29+00:00