8 Days No Contact
Exhibition Catalogue

Narwhal is pleased to present exhibition documentation of 8 Days No Contact, featuring artwork and writing by each contributing artist alongside exerts from the original found journal. Featuring work by Adrienne Kammerer, Mark Dudiak, Nicholas Aoki, Noel Middleton, Patrick Krzyzanowski and Tibi Tibi Neuspiel.

68 pages. Softcover. Full colour.
Over 50 photos & illustrations.

The Merlin Years : The Art of Team Macho II
Artist Monograph & Exhibition Catalogue

Narwhal is pleased to present The Merlin Years – the second monograph from iconic art collective Team Macho and catalogue for their Axis Mundi exhibition at AGO. Celebrating one of Canada’s most unique emerging art groups, this richly illustrated book surveys work between 2007 and 2012 from shows in Toronto, Montreal, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York. Writing by Maggie MacDonald, Ann Marie Peña and A. James Bradley.

180 pages. Softcover. Full colour.
Over 150 illustrations.

The Dazzle
A Cabinet of Wonder

Exhibition Catalogue

Inspired by early 17th century Wunderkammers, The Dazzle exists as a microcosm of our world, capturing diverse specimens from a wide array of studies including natural history, geology, mathematics, archeology, magic and mythology. Mirroring early explorers who used the Wunderkammer to showcase worldly discoveries from distant lands, The Dazzle unearths artist creations fabricated through internal mind mapping, resulting in an awe inspiring collection of the bizarre

80 pages. Hardcover. Full colour.
Over 60 photos & illustrations.

The Taxali 300
The Art of Gary Taxali

Exhibition Catalogue

Celebrating Taxali’s career as a commercial illustrator, The Taxali 300 showcases hundreds of small illustrations and collages originally created for such esteemed publications as Rolling Stone, Newsweek, The New York Times, GQ and McSweeneys among others. Introduction by Steven Heller.

32 pages. Softcover. Full colour.
Over 40 illustrations.
S/N Limited Edition with 4 colour Gocco screenprint.

The Unknown Portraits

Exhibition Catalogue

As an ode to memory and ephemera, this clothbound hardcover is comprised solely of small, detailed graphite portraits, each piece capturing the surreal humour and irreverence that has become a trademark of kozyndan’s distinctive style of artwork. Throughout the book, select portraits are illuminated via short stories by contemporary artists and writers including Pasha Malla, Mark “frosty” McNeill, Ryan Sands, Mariko Tamaki, Maggie MacDonald, Nick Flanagan and Porous Walker.

150 pages. Softcover. Black & white.
Over 100 illustrations.

Fancy Action Now
The Art of Team Macho

Artist Monograph

Fancy Action Now captures the prolific works of Team Macho over the past three years. Team Macho express a unique attitude toward collaboration, a highly competitive spirit where the very nature of their alliance revolves around thwarting and subverting each other’s contributions. Exploring key elements in their artistic process – camaraderie, geeky bravado, the creation of a personal culture laden with absurdity, inside jokes, sabotage, fluorescence, raquetry, and most importantly, fanciness, Fancy Action Now unleashes Team Macho’s true pansy awesomeness.

140 pages. Softcover. Full colour.
Over 200 illustrations.

My Mania
The Art of Derrick Hodgson

Artist Monograph

My Mania is the first comprehensive collection of emerging artist Derrick Hodgson. This book unearths Hodgson’s creative process from sketch to screen, and gives insight on how he interacts within this cycle. Throughout the brilliantly chaotic pages, Hodgson takes us on a strange journey into his abstract world influenced by nature, growth and death. Poppers, peepers, floaters, sprouts, spores, walkers, yetis and gouls interact and float in a stew of mania. Art, photography, product design, rough sketches and writing are collaged together to create a blueprint for Hodgsons world of mania.

96 pages. Softcover. Full colour.
Over 110 illustrations.