In his third solo exhibition at KRETS, Canadian artist Matthew Feyld presents a new series of abstract paintings.

Defined by shape and color, the series explores the continuous flow of day-to-day forms. A discarded envelope, a wet bag on the street, or the shadow of a street sign; any of these things may act as a starting point for his deceptively simple geometries. At first glance mathematically precise, the canvases, painted over many times, slowly reveal the hand of the artist. This interplay between precision and painterly expression contributes to a tension in the compositions, which is further evident in the relation between positive and negative spaces. By mutually depending on one another, these create a visual tug-of-war where the elements are continually fighting for dominance.

Matthew Feyld (b. 1985) is based in Montreal and works with painting, drawing and photography. Aside from previous exhibitions at KRETS, his work has been presented by, among others, Big Medium (Austin), Galerie Laroche/Joncas (Montreal), Narwhal (Toronto), Cinders Gallery (New York) and Gallery Steinsland Berliner (Stockholm). He has also published books in collaboration with e.g. Little Paper Planes (San Francisco), Black Dot (Montreal), Museums Press (Glasgow) and Kaugummi Books (Paris). Two new publications will be released this fall by Good Press (Glasgow) and Anteism (Victoria/Montreal).

Kristianstadsgatan 16
214 23 Malmö

From October 25 – November 23, 2014