We are pleased to offer Ureshidaruma, a limited edition silkscreen print by Japanese erotic art master Toshio Saeki. With very few Saeki print editions available outside Asia, this print is classic Saeki – a surreal scene of a dreaming Japanese schoolgirl holding into a giant tilting Daruma. Originally created in the early 1970’s for his Red Box collection, Saeki redrew & revamped the colour palette specifically for this Canadian exclusive edition.

• Limited edition of 100 silkscreen prints.
• 22 x 34 inches. Five colours.
• Custom stamped with signed Certificate of Authentication

About Toshio Saeki
Born in 1945 in Miyazaki, Japan, Saeki gained notoriety in the 1970’s for his avant garde approach, connecting traditional Japanese art styles such as Shunga (erotica) and Yokaiga (mythology) with postmodern radical pop art culture.

Over the past 40 years Saeki has developed a dedicated cult following, which continues to expand significantly. Saeki has had solo exhibitions in Japan, Paris, London, Tel Aviv, New York and San Francisco. Celebrated cross culturally, Saeki has also been immortalized in the Ju-on horror films which play homage to his child spirit and has contributed album artwork for several international musicians including John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He presently lives and works in the small town of Ichihara, Chiba, Japan.





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