FRIEZE Magazine, the UK’s foremost contemporary art periodical, currently features Liz Magic Laser, a New York based artist whose multimedia practice involves collaboration with actors, dancers, surgeons, and motorcycle gang members. In the article, FRIEZE Magazine discusses the labour-intensiveness of Laser’s work as well as her increasing use of technology, like in her mixed-media performance “I feel your pain” for Performa 11:

[Scripts] go through dozens of revisions and much reorganizing. In the case of I Feel Your Pain (2011), it took months to come up with a script because the work involved isolating individual sentences or sections from political speeches and interviews, making minor word changes, splicing and reconstituting the material. Her most challenging piece to date – performed, filmed and simultaneously screened before a live audience inside a movie theatre with Laser acting as real-time editor…”

Liz Magic Laser is participating in Narwhal’s upcoming group exhibit, “That’s not a run in your stocking, it’s a hand on your leg.”, opening September 18th. Laser will be exhibiting among Mark Laliberte, Nikki Woolsey, and Nadia Belerique. Collectively this body of work evokes a kind of double take as everyday objects and recognizable images perform in unexpected and unsettling ways. Laser’s video “Mine” (2009), stars a remotely operated surgical tool, which was used to penetrate and rifle through the contents of the artist’s purse, as if confusing the innards of her social life as a consumer with her physical body’s viscera.

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Liz Magic Laser: In Camera from Frieze magazine on Vimeo.