Little Crowns

Carly Waito, Katy Horan, Matthew Feyld, Namoi Yasui, Noel Middleton & More.

Opening Reception:
Friday, December 11th
From 7 – 10pm

Runs Dec 11, 2009 – Jan 10, 2010

The season of mystic ritual for the Western world happens each December. Darkness comes early in these arcane times and tradition reigns high as humans congregate around decorative firs and twinkling lights to celebrate magic. Metaphysical folk tales are shared, candles are lit, bread is broken, and concealed treasures are bestowed upon significant others. For suspended moments, belief in the unknown seems possible, allowing for small cracks of wonder. It is here that nine artists emerge, bearing little crowns. Manipulating the earthly substances of clay, metal, mineral, wood and pigment, each artist conjures personal imagery of alchemy and enchantment.

Please join Narwhal Projects this holiday season as we unveil Magical Markings for the Celebratory Spell. Little Crowns features work by Carly Waito, Cody Cochrane, Irana Doeur, Katy Horan, Matthew Feyld, Naomi Yasui, Noel Middleton, PowerHaus and Selena Wong.

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