Geoffrey Pugen

A Cast of Something Else

Bea Fremderman
Geoffrey Pugen
Tibi Tibi Neuspiel
Josh Reames

Opening Reception:
Friday, Oct 26, 2012
7 – 10pm

Runs Oct 26 – Nov 11, 2012

A Cast of Something Else investigates the omnipresent permeation of technology in everyday life, specifically the absurdities and idiosyncrasies encountered in negotiating with our deepening digital presence. Work by Bea Fremderman, Geoffrey Pugen, Tibi Tibi Neuspiel and Josh Reames explore spatial paradigms, representation & materiality in coexisting physical/digital environments through sculpture, animation, painting & photography. Cognizant of the perpetual mini phenomena we experience day-to-day , each piece embraces contemporary progressions within our virtual worlds, both physical and emotional, and how these technological spaces are influential to the inherent transformation of production and consumption, evoking a subtle sense of détournement within the process and final artifact.

Opening Reception:
Friday, Oct 26, 2012

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Born in Kishinov, Moldova, Bea Fremderman finished her studies at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 2012 where she presently lives and produces. Her current research interests are American corporate office design, Franz Kafka, bureaucratic systems or structures, Memphis Design and false notions of freedom. Fremderman’s work combines parts and segments of a Capitalist reality as a reflection of daily life that has slipped away from society’s consciousness. Fremderman’s work has been exhibited in Mexico and Canada, and throughout the United States and Europe. Recent solo exhibitions include S,M,L,XL (2012, Appendix Gallery Portland, OR), aCuratedScreening (2012, Courtney Blades Gallery Chicago, IL), Take Me In Your Arms And Fuck Me (2009 Preteen Gallery Hermosillo, Mexico). In 2012 Fremderman was awarded the BFA Fellowship Award and the Fred Endsley Memorial Fellowship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.[/fusion_toggle]

Working with video, film, performance, and photography in the digital realm, Pugen explores alternate realities through simulating and re-contextualizing media histories. With theatrical absurdity, Pugen examines relationships between real and staged performance, the natural and the artificial, and tensions of virtual identity. Through altering and manipulating images, Pugen renders situations that question our perceptions of how history, documentation, and simulation intersect. Recent solo exhibitions include Long Divisions, (2011, Contact Festival, Angell Gallery, Toronto), Sahara Sahara (2011, Special Project Space, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art), and Bridge Kids (2010, Gallery TPW, Toronto). Two-person exhibitions include The Tie-Break (tennis pains), (2012, Neubacher Shor, Toronto) and The Tie-break, (2011, Nuit Blanche commission, Toronto), both with Tibi Tibi Neuspiel. Pugen has exhibited his films and videos nationally and internationally including at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, World Wide Short Film Festival, Berlin Transmediale International Media Arts Festival, European Media Art Festival, and the Poland 12th International Media Art Biennale WRO 07.[/fusion_toggle]

Based in Chicago, IL, Josh Reames recently received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and his BFA from the University of North Texas. His work has recently been included in exhibitions at Meulensteen (NYC), Dittrich & Schlechtreim (Berlin), the Green Gallery (Milwaukee), and the Hyde Park Art Center (Hyde Park). Upcoming shows include Andrew Rafacz Gallery (Chicago), Monya Rowe (NYC), and Circuit 12 Contemporary (Dallas) His work has been reviewed by Beautiful Decay, Artinfo,, and[/fusion_toggle]

Tibi Tibi Neuspiel works in a diverse range of media including sculpture, performance, digital imaging and video. Best known for his deft use of pigmented wax as medium for his wryly humourous sculptures, he mines the banal for the prophetic and haunting. Neuspiel has exhibited his work and been featured in publications throughout North America and Europe, including at Art Basel and the NY Art Book Fair at MOMA PS1. Currently employing both traditional and digital techniques, Neuspiel’s practice ranges from sculpture and painting, to performance and video. His work explores the limitations of literal meaning and aims to invoke a more ineffable understanding.Neuspiel has exhibited with Narwhal in Stay Gold (Dec 2008), The Dazzle (Oct 2010) and solo exhibition The Confident Lesbian (Apr 2012). He has also particpated in Art Basel Miami (2009-2011) and Pulse NYC (May 2012)